Unemployment slump

When I used to read or hear about unemployment, I never thought I’d be part of this phenomena. I’m smart, ethical and fundamentally driven to make a difference so why is it that I’m not being wowed by compelling offers by every company. When I made the decision to change my career path, I thought following my authentic self will open doors for me, that I won’t need nepotism to … Continue reading Unemployment slump

Everyone is an armchair psychologist

They attend few self–improvement lectures and think they have you all figured out and are prepared to give you ‘solid’ advice. Depending mostly on the book or audio that resonated with them the most; you are either an introvert or extrovert, bipolar or borderline. If you take one too many selfies, then you’re a narcissist. if you are easily effected by the day to day circumstances you must be … Continue reading Everyone is an armchair psychologist

Day One

Did I lose the art of writing and my source of self-expression? It used to be my Narnia or the drowning tree that takes me to wonderland. I’ve been trying lately with no luck. Where do I start? Words lately feels redundant, I hate that I live in this broken record of nothing comes my … Continue reading Day One