TV Show review: Bodyguard

I don’t normally binge watch but when I do its usually a sign that the show is doing something right. Bodyguard opens with a train terrorist attack that leaves you holding your breath while sitting at the edge of your seat. This attack was the first of many along the way. The show was filmed beautifully, and the actors did a great job delivering the script. The audience received it well since its debut, as of now it’s the most watched television drama in BBC for the last 10 years.

The political drama with an investigative drama undertone was created by Jed Mercurio creator of line of duty. The cast were great; two of the most notable actors were; Keeley Hawes who played a home secretary called Julia Montague.Montague was a conservative politician that was not very well liked publicly, she also managed to mention a remark that was insensitive and triggering to war veterans who risked their lives and lost their friends in the line of fire. David Budd a war veteran had a hard time wrapping his head around protecting Montague knowing her political views, but he quickly turns around after seeing her kinder, softer side. Budd was played by Richard Madden, Madden was known for his perfomce in Game of thrones as Robb Stark the less memorable stark, I never thought much about his acting skills then because it didnt really stand out but his performance playing a PTSD war veteran, now police sergeant protecting the home secretary was impeccable and deserves accolades fromhis short-fused panic attacks to his stares while scanning the premises.

The first 3 episodes were amazing, it had all the right makings of great television show. The storyline kept getting better;there was conspiracy, some political manipulation and fight between police and security service (MI5) to be in the lead. However, the final 3 episodes fell through, it was somewhat underwhelming and, in some scenes, felt like an overkill. 

(spoilers) When I first saw the poster of the show, I thought It would be the bodyguard (1992) meets homeland. The affair between the home secretary and her bodyguard was predictable, I knew it even before watching the trailer. 

And when the bomb took the life of the home secretary, Buddcouldnt handle the guilt of not being able to protect her, or it could be that her death was the final nail in the coffin, since he was already a struggling PTSD veteran with depressive tendencies uses alcohol to drown his emotions. David Buddended up shooting himself.

I thought wow, they jumped the gun. I cant believe they just killed two of the only main characters who mattered on the show. But one of them emerged, I guess the writer and producer realized it would be an overkill. It turns out the gun Budds used had only empty shells. That blank bullet resulted in blood spatter, there was a clear head wound that apparently onlyneeded some alcohol and a cotton wipe. No apparent brain hemorrhage or bleeding, it didnt even affect his vision or hearing. I try not to overanalyze it and move on to find out who was behind the bombings.

The final episode was 30 minutes longer than it needed to be. With the plot moving too fast from the police finding evidence that Budd was the bomber to him waking up after being drugged with an explosive vest on. That whole explosive vest blunder was nerve-wrecking at the beginning,but it made you wonder why havent they killed him yet? Why risk civilians or police force for someone who they all were convinced was the perpetrator. He is a death threat walking through streets of London to his apartment to retrievethe evidence of his innocence and to expose the guilty parties. All the while pressing on the bomb device that somehow did not detonate over that overnight (possible 12 hour) walk?How is it that the nerve on his thumb didnt spasm to cause the bomb to blow up is mind boggling. 

The final twist came out of nowhere, Nadia who at the beginning was thought of as someone who was coerced into wearing that suicide vest on the train by her husband at the beginning of the show, was actually the mastermind of thatwhole operation. It turns out she had an engineering degree (which makes you question how thorough did they investigate her?). she came clean because no one ever suspected her of being the minds of the operation but just of an obedient role (how masterful is she if she had to risk her freedom or a less prison sentence to prove a point?). 

Now, was the moral of that plot is to never underestimate women or that if its a bomb then it has to be a Muslim terrorist? 

Aside from all that bodyguard is a worthwhile series to watch, maybe even binge watching it over an empty scheduled weekend. The bodyguard got a 98% score on Rotten tomatoes, an excellent indication that the show is received well. Hopefully this show is the first of many great tv shows created by BBC that arent period dramas and aren’t focused on making every terrorist Muslim. 

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